Baby’s First Haircut

Not sure who was more traumatized , Noah or me.  We take Noah into Snip-its, a kids-only salon, for his first haircut.  Drew goes up to get us signed in while Noah, Emmie and I hang out in the play zone.  Everything is fine until they call us back, and I lose it.  I start crying, which in turn makes Noah start crying.  Drew is ready to call the whole thing off.

The only reason we even decided to get Noah’s haircut is because so many people kept mistaking him for a girl.  I could dress Noah in a collared button down shirt, and he would still get mistaken for a girl.

I was able to get it together for the actual cutting of the hair, but Noah wailed through the entire haircut.  Emmie slept the whole time, and Drew took pictures.  Now my baby looks like a man-child.  I guess it had to be done, but he may not be getting his second haircut for a long time!


Certificate with a little baggie of his sweet baby hair!

IMG_6427 IMG_6428




Check out those locks!  He’s rockin’ the hobbit hair.

IMG_6432 IMG_6445

Poor kid :(

IMG_6456 IMG_6455

And we both recovered.

2 Thoughts on “Baby’s First Haircut

  1. Bethany K on March 3, 2014 at 8:15 pm said:

    Woohoo! Haha, this is so cute. I’m glad you mentioned where you went; I’ve always wondered where to take a kid to get a hair cut because, well, I’m not sure I’d trust just any old barber/stylist to do it. He looks so cute!! (before AND after the cut)

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