2 Years of Marriage and (almost) 2 Kids

Today Drew and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage.  My celebrations have included baby shopping, baby cleaning and cooking all day.  Drew has celebrated by getting up, reading a text from his mom and saying to me, “oh yea, happy anniversary.”  Haha, he’s a keeper!  Then, off to work he went.

Tonight we will celebrate by putting Noah to bed.  Drew will then clean the bathrooms and I will continue to obsessively prepare our apartment for baby #2 and most likely leave and go to crossfit for an hour.

Do I wish we were going out to some over priced restaurant and Drew was showering me with gifts – no way.  At this point I am way too pregnant, Drew is way too tired and the thought of our babysitter costing us more than our meal makes me sick!

As I look back at our wedding picture and look at us now, two years of marriage, pregnancy, babies, school and work has really taken a toll!  We look tired, we look older.  There is more grey, there are more wrinkles.  How different we look!

What you can’t see in pictures is the amount of joy and love you can gain in just two years.  How can you capture the joy of waking up to the man you love everyday?  How can you see the love inside of a parent’s heart?  These are the things that a picture can’t capture.

I know a lot of people think we are crazy for getting married and having our babies right away (because they tell us these things…that’s a whole other post).  I have no regrets!  I look at Drew and Noah play on the floor and have only happiness.  I listen to Drew talk to the baby bump and have only smiles:)

I am blessed beyond measure.


DSCN00952 years ago today:)

1014131104-03As recent as I could find! (oct. 2013)


6 Thoughts on “2 Years of Marriage and (almost) 2 Kids

  1. Happy anniversary. Love ya both! Love all 3 of you. Am sure i will love all 4 of you! Blessings for the journey!

  2. cousin Donna on January 13, 2014 at 4:59 pm said:

    Happy anniversary, you don’t look older !!!
    Jon’s birthday is today, I remember your anniversary is on is birthday.
    He is 50. ( he IS old)
    Also we met on his 21st birthday ( I came to his house) so we have an anniv too.
    Best to you both.

  3. What a gorgeous happy family pic! Congrats!

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