Filling the Freezer, Preparing for Baby #2

My goal this week is to fill the freezer.  I’m 37 weeks and feel like this baby could bust out at anytime now.

I already have a good chili recipe so I plan on making a huge batch of that and freezing it.  I have thought about making soup but it just doesn’t sound appealing at the moment.  All things carbs and comfort sound so good right now!

Any suggestions on easy dinners to make and freeze for when baby comes are welcome.

2 Thoughts on “Filling the Freezer, Preparing for Baby #2

  1. I’m just going to pre-cook big batches of recipe items so I can throw everything in a skillet or the oven and still feel like it’s “fresh”…things like ground beef, shredded chicken, chopped onions, etc. plus a few staples like lasagna and enchiladas!

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