36 Weeks Prego With a Cold is No Joke

I started feeling the cold symptoms about a week ago.  So far this pregnancy I have successfully avoided all flus, colds, viruses, allergies and any and all other diseases.  Except now that I am in the home stretch my body has decided it’s done.  No more warding off sickness.

This cold is taking on a life of it’s own.  It started with just a sore throat.  Then it moved on to runny nose.  Now its sore throat, runny nose, congestion, headache and stuffy ears.  Normally I would be drinking Nyquil and Dayquil like my life depended on it.  Oh wait, I’m pregnant.  I can’t take ANYTHING.

I have Googled and asked around, and really, there is nothing you can take when you are pregnant and have a cold.  I tried benedryl, and the severity of this cold even prevented me from experiencing the benedryl coma.  Tylonal has done nothing for the head aches.

Noah doesn’t seem to understand that I need to stay in bed all day.  I feel like he should really just make his own meals. Luckily, his cold from a couple weeks ago has seemed to make him immune to mine.

Since Baby #2 and I have already agreed she needs to make her appearance into the world early, I don’t have much time to get over this thing.  Any ideas on how to make a cold go away med free?

6 Thoughts on “36 Weeks Prego With a Cold is No Joke

  1. Drink tons of water and lots of soup. Hot steamy showers and as much sleep as you can steal for yourself!

    Also, a bit of vicks vaporub might help with the nose. Or saline nose spray.

    So sorry you’ve got the crud! I hope it passes soon!

  2. Hi Jacqueline!

    Sad to hear that you are pregnant and have a cold. I have a cold for the third week now, and I totally feel you. These are my best hints: lots of water, C vitamin overload (anything goes, blueberries, oranges, juices, vitamin pills…) and then ginger, garlic, honey in hot water (if you don’t like them all together, mix the ones you like).

    Good luck, we are going to get well!

    Eva (from Finland, met in Israel. ;) )

    • Eva, I have missed you! I hope you feel better soon, 3 weeks is a long time:( I need to try the ginger in my tea, several people have recommended that. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh no!!! Do you have lemsip there? I found them quite handy when I had colds durung pregnancy.

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