Cloth Diapers and Other Fun Things

I thought I had no life with one kid; now I really have no life.  I know this because I get way too excited about my cloth diapers.  After the two week trial, I have tons of cloth diapers.  Some were given to me, some are new, and some are barely used.

I was a little unsure about using used cloth diapers, but in the end, the price was right.  Noah is wearing Thirstie, Rumparoos, Bum Genius, and Fuzzibunz.  My favorite brand is the Rumparoos, but it is also the most expensive.  Emmie still wears disposables most of the time, but Noah is cloth all the way now!

Emmie is now two months and such a little angel.  She sleeps most of the day and all through the night.  Her naps are becoming longer and more regular, which is nice.  I was not a fan of the 10-30 minute naps all day long.  She is doing much better with nursing but still hates the bottle.  She eats about five times a day.  She is still sleeping in our room because I don’t want her to wake Noah.  Once they are on the same sleep schedule they will be bunking together.   She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and will soon be in 6-9.  She is my big little girl!

Noah is still learning that he cannot slap the baby!  He loves to go up to her and poke her eyes, stick his fingers in her mouth and slap her head.  Every now and then he uses his gentle hands, but for the most part, he assaults her.  He does have his sweet moments when he tries to give her his sippy cup or pacifier, or feed her animal crackers.  These moments are far and few between.


Noah loves to fake-vacuum the floor, developing good habits at an early age!


Noah using his gentle hands with Emmie


Brother-sister bonding time


That look of glee is right after he slapped his sister in the face.  Poor Emmie!

Cloth Diaper Heaven

The first time I bought diapers for two kids it cost me 50$.  The worst part was knowing 50$ worth of diapers was probably not going to last me the whole month.

I tried cloth diapers with Noah while I was prego with Emmie.  I bought really cheap ones  and they were horrible.  I had to change them almost every hour and they were always leaking.  I was constantly changing his clothes and it didn’t seem worth the hassle.  Now that I have two kids and I don’t want to go broke buying diapers I have become motivated to try cloth diapers again.  I found a great cloth diapers store in Cambridge called Diaper Lab.

I made the the trip to Diaper Lab today and left with 8 cloth diapers.  Diaper lab offers a 2 week trial where they let you pick different styles and brands of cloth diapers for 2 weeks.  This allows you to see what works best for you and your baby.  For 35$ they gave me detergent, a diaper pail liner and 8 pocket diapers.

Check out my diapers for the next 2 weeks-and they are all brand new!



I am trying out bum genius, rumparoos, thirsties and fuzzibunz.  So excited to start saving money!

One Month Old

My little Em J is one month old today, and it has gone by so fast.  She celebrated one month of life by sleeping six hours last night.    Emmie is eating every three hours and still sleeps most of the day.  She loves her little brother minus the face slapping and eye poking.  She enjoys having a bath, probably because she was born in the water!  (The birth story will come soon.  I’m almost done writing it.)   We are all tired but feeling blessed.  We love our little Emmie Jane :)




Baby’s First Haircut

Not sure who was more traumatized , Noah or me.  We take Noah into Snip-its, a kids-only salon, for his first haircut.  Drew goes up to get us signed in while Noah, Emmie and I hang out in the play zone.  Everything is fine until they call us back, and I lose it.  I start crying, which in turn makes Noah start crying.  Drew is ready to call the whole thing off.

The only reason we even decided to get Noah’s haircut is because so many people kept mistaking him for a girl.  I could dress Noah in a collared button down shirt, and he would still get mistaken for a girl.

I was able to get it together for the actual cutting of the hair, but Noah wailed through the entire haircut.  Emmie slept the whole time, and Drew took pictures.  Now my baby looks like a man-child.  I guess it had to be done, but he may not be getting his second haircut for a long time!


Certificate with a little baggie of his sweet baby hair!

IMG_6427 IMG_6428




Check out those locks!  He’s rockin’ the hobbit hair.

IMG_6432 IMG_6445

Poor kid :(

IMG_6456 IMG_6455

And we both recovered.

Sweet Emmie Jane

My sweet Emerson (Emmie) Jane was born Thursday, February 6th, at 3:32 p.m. weighing 8lbs 13 oz, 19.5 inches long.  We barely made it to the birth center she came so fast!  Once I have some time I’ll post her amazing birth story.

IMG_6246Emmie loves to be swaddled!


3 days old and heading home.


Noah loves to give his sister kisses.  He calls her ‘ouwie.’  Emmie is just too hard to say!


Emmie-1 week old, Noah-16 months old


Just last week this big girl was inside of me!  (yikes, one week  postpartum is definitely not my favorite look!!)


My personal favorite

Overdue and Over-cooked

I can’t believe this is my second kid, and she has gone past her due date.  I thought second babies usually came earlier.  Noah came early, so I have never been this pregnant before.

I have spent the past three weeks doing everything in my power to get this baby to come out of me, and NOTHING has worked.

- Pineapple
- Castor oil (though I was too scared to take a full dose)
- Raspberry leaf tea
- Walking
- Clary sage
- All kinds of working out (Crossfit)
- Bouncing on the birth ball
- Spicy food
- Climbing up stairs
- Other unmentionables

I haven’t done acupuncture or evening primrose oil because they are expensive, and I’m too cheap.

It’s funny.  Now that I’m late, I’m no longer trying to make this baby come out.  I think I’ve reached this place of acceptance that she is going to be two weeks late, and they are going to have to cut her out of me.

This is what 40+ weeks looks like…Yikes!


Erging (Rowing) 37 Weeks Prego

For all my rowing friends out there, we all know erging by itself is not fun.  Add a huge pregnant belly to the mix, and you experience a whole new level of pain.  For those of you who do not know what a rowing machine is, here is a lovely picture.

Don’t be fooled by how sleek this machine looks.  It is a torture device.  The erg requires you to exert every single muscle in your body.  It also forces you to play a mental game with yourself as you watch numbers rise and fall on the screen.

So I sit on the sliding seat, immediately uncomfortable.  I roll forward, and everything is going fine until I push down with my legs, slide back and realize that I have no abs.  Until now, I didn’t even fully understand the extent to which you use your abs when rowing.  As I sat back, I had to clench my abs/monstrous baby bump to keep from falling off that satanic machine!

My whole motivation for getting on the erg was the delusional hope that it would send me into labor. And, I’m still pregnant…

2 Years of Marriage and (almost) 2 Kids

Today Drew and I are celebrating 2 years of marriage.  My celebrations have included baby shopping, baby cleaning and cooking all day.  Drew has celebrated by getting up, reading a text from his mom and saying to me, “oh yea, happy anniversary.”  Haha, he’s a keeper!  Then, off to work he went.

Tonight we will celebrate by putting Noah to bed.  Drew will then clean the bathrooms and I will continue to obsessively prepare our apartment for baby #2 and most likely leave and go to crossfit for an hour.

Do I wish we were going out to some over priced restaurant and Drew was showering me with gifts – no way.  At this point I am way too pregnant, Drew is way too tired and the thought of our babysitter costing us more than our meal makes me sick!

As I look back at our wedding picture and look at us now, two years of marriage, pregnancy, babies, school and work has really taken a toll!  We look tired, we look older.  There is more grey, there are more wrinkles.  How different we look!

What you can’t see in pictures is the amount of joy and love you can gain in just two years.  How can you capture the joy of waking up to the man you love everyday?  How can you see the love inside of a parent’s heart?  These are the things that a picture can’t capture.

I know a lot of people think we are crazy for getting married and having our babies right away (because they tell us these things…that’s a whole other post).  I have no regrets!  I look at Drew and Noah play on the floor and have only happiness.  I listen to Drew talk to the baby bump and have only smiles:)

I am blessed beyond measure.


DSCN00952 years ago today:)

1014131104-03As recent as I could find! (oct. 2013)


Filling the Freezer, Preparing for Baby #2

My goal this week is to fill the freezer.  I’m 37 weeks and feel like this baby could bust out at anytime now.

I already have a good chili recipe so I plan on making a huge batch of that and freezing it.  I have thought about making soup but it just doesn’t sound appealing at the moment.  All things carbs and comfort sound so good right now!

Any suggestions on easy dinners to make and freeze for when baby comes are welcome.

Pineapple to Induce Labor

I’m not quite ready for Baby Girl to come, but I’m getting pretty close!  I have a list of things I need to do, and once everything is done on my list, she can come out.  I’ve started reading about ways to induce labor, and the latest thing I have heard is pineapple.

Apparently pineapples contain enzymes that causes mild contractions.  They have an enzyme called bromelain that may soften the cervix.  Kiwi, mango and papaya also have this enzyme.  (

My friend told me the pineapple needs to be very ripe, and you need to eat the whole thing in one day.  She did this, and her baby was born that week!  Google has also told me that pineapple is very effective when trying to kick start labor.

In about a week and a half I plan on going completely tropical.  Pineapple, kiwi and mango everyday!

Has anyone else had any luck with pineapple inducing labor?